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Lakeland School District and Chartwells are committed to improving the health and education of students by creating and promoting food choices for a healthful diet through schools, families, and the community.


A Medical Statement to Request Special Meals and/or Accommodations must be filed each year with Food Services. The form should be completed and signed by the student's doctor. In order to meet USDA compliance, Nutrition Services and the school kitchen cannot provide special meals or accommodations without the proper documentation.

Special Meals Request due to Medical Condition form


*Note: If a language translation is needed for a family or individual attending the CACFP After School Supper Program or SFSP, we would use the websites listed below to translate menus or conversations. We have a computer available in the cafeteria at the meal service line.  Our staff has been trained on how to use the translation program. We also have several foreign language teachers from Lakeland High School on-call to help us translate as needed.  We have signs posted stating that we can offer translation services as needed.


This institution is an equal opportunity provideR



Elementary students paying full price breakfast $2.00
Elementary students paying full price lunch $3.50
Secondary students paying full price breakfast $2.25
Secondary students paying full price lunch $3.75
Students eligible for reduced priced breakfast $ .30
Students eligible for reduced priced lunch $ .40
Students eligible for free meals No Cost
Milk $ .75
Adults paying for breakfast $3.00

Adults paying for lunch $5.00

Adult Lunch Menu


Pay for meals at:

After opening the MySchoolBucks website you can access your account by entering your ID and Password or Register for a free account.


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Free and Reduced Meals Reports