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Chad Parson - Instructional Technology Director
Justin Graupman - Network Administrator
Leann Bendel - IT Admin Assistant
Caleb Richardson - Chromebook/Small Device Specialist
Paul Galyen - Wiring/Communications Tech and District Departments Site Tech Specialist
Tifani Young - Tech Integration Specialist

Local or LAB TECHS

Robert (Tuck) Hetzler - Lakeland High and Middle School Site Tech Specialist
Dane James - Timberlake High and Middle School Site Tech Specialist
Mike Moore - Mountain View Alternative and KTEC Site Tech Specialist
Debbie Hansen - Betty Kiefer Elementary Computer Lab Tech
Anna Peterson - John Brown Elementary Computer Lab Tech
Kim Flasch - Garwood Elementary Computer Lab Tech
April Mueller - Twin Lakes Elementary Computer Lab Tech
Matt Tabler - Athol Elementary Computer Lab Tech
Clayton Ward - Spirit Lake Elementary Computer Lab Tech


Technology Issues?

Contact the Lakeland Technology by emailing us at: or fill out the online form at: (using computer login - not email)

Please provide: 

A brief summary (in the subject)
More information (description in the body), including:
School Name
Room #
Teacher Name
Issue you are experiencing
Phone extension
Screenshot (if you are able to get one)
Best time to help (does it needs to wait for a prep period, etc)

If you are submitting a request for new toner then please contact your Admin Assistant at the building as this is purchased with school funds now. They will want to know the current model of printer that you have. It will say it somewhere on the front or top.