Who May Ride – Students who live more than one and one half miles from the school they attend are eligible to ride a school bus unless they live in a non-transportation zone.

In-Lieu Of Transportation – If a student lives more than one and one half miles from school or from an established bus stop and district transportation is not available, parents may qualify for payment for providing their own transportation.  The payment for each family is $10.00 per month plus 45 cents per mile for one round trip each day.  Applications for in-lieu of transportation payment are available in the district office and must be submitted on a monthly basis.

Bus Rules – Safety is the number one concern.  Every student shall be responsible for the safety of self and others.  Behavior which may cause harm to other students or which results in an unnecessary distraction for the driver shall be deemed sufficient cause for restrictive consequences up to and including expulsion from the bus. 

Riding A Different Bus – Students will not be permitted to ride a bus, which they are not regularly assigned unless parents obtain prior approval from the principal and the transportation supervisor.  Without permission, students will be required to go home as usual.  Busing is not provided for students for personal business (i.e. scouts, birthday parties, spending the night with friends, etc.).  

Removing A Student From The Bus – The bus driver will not release any student from the bus without authorization from the school office. 

Young primary children will not be allowed to exit the bus at isolated stops without a parent, guardian, or pre-approved adult present.  Drivers are instructed to return the child to school or the transportation office if a parent, guardian, or pre-approved adult is not present at the stop.


Contact Transportation:

Phone: (208) 687-0221
Fax: (208) 687-9705

Rodney Heitstuman

Titles: Mechanic

Susie Moore

Titles: Transportation Director

Wendy Russum

Titles: Assistant Transportation Director

Teresa Snijder

Titles: Admin Assistant

Bert Thoreson

Titles: Mechanic