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Mobile Clinic

Heritage Health School Based Mobile Clinic is available to all students/school staff/and community members. No matter the location, all students may access at all times that the clinic is open. Please see the posted schedule. Community members may access during specified hours only to maintain student privacy.

The mission of the Clinic is “to provide quality physical and mental healthcare to promote student success and community wellness.” By accessing the School Based Mobile Clinic, a student may have decreased time away from the classroom, promoting learning and success.

The Mobile Clinic is staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner that is certified to provide health care to all ages. The Nurse Practitioner may do physical exams, order lab work, complete minor procedures, and order prescriptions as indicated. Additionally, during school hours, a Master of Social Work (mental health) intern is available for counseling, at no cost, to assist students in coping with school and other life stresses.

All students under the age of 18 must have parental consent prior to receiving services, except for those services eligible for “minor consent” under Idaho State Law. Medicaid has a provision for school based services, in that acute care may be provided without a release from the primary care provider. All acute care visit records will be forwarded to the primary care provider to ensure continuity of care. Consent for release of some school records is helpful, although may be refused by the parent. School records regarding absences and class schedules are important when scheduling follow-up.

Parents may bring their student to the School Based Mobile Clinic, or they may designate another adult once parental consent is obtained. Older students that have transportation may access care without a parent present. IN ALL CASES the parent will be notified prior to care, except in the case of a medical emergency.

The consent form(s) is available for download, or you may request a copy from the school. Patients may be seen on a walk in basis or by appointment 208.661.1603

If your child needs immunizations, please schedule in advance so that we can make sure we have the appropriate vaccines available.

The School Based Health Center will be available for childhood immunizations and Sports Physicals starting in late July 2016. Please consult the Heritage Health Website for the Schedule and Locations after July 15.

Fee for Sports Physicals will be : $25.00 if billed, but a reduced rate of $15.00 if paid in CASH at time of appointment.

Appointments may be made by calling 208.661.1603 or 208.687.5627

Students coming for Sports Physicals must have consent signed and medical history form completed. These forms are available HERE.

For questions regarding the School Based Health Center, please email


New in 2019

Mountain View High School and Lakeland High Schools will have access to the Heritage Health Student Health Center Mobile Clinic one day a week on a trial basis. Students may access healthcare including vaccinations, check for strep throat, ear infection, mono, STI, EKG, and minor injuries.  Prescriptions can be written and sent to the pharmacy.  Some mental health services are available as well as referrals if more extensive counseling is required. While Medicaid usually covers expenses, insurance can be billed or, for those without insurance, a sliding scale based on family earnings is available.  No student will be refused care due to inability to pay. Parental Consent Forms can be found on the Lakeland School District Website or from the mobile clinic. If a student does not have a signed parental consent and presents for care, all efforts will be made to contact a parent as appropriate. According to Idaho State Law, patients over the age of fourteen may consent for their own healthcare. Please contact the mobile clinic directly if you have questions: 208.661.1603 or