Wellness at Work

Welcome to your Employee Wellness page!  Check back to this page for regular updates and information on all things Wellness.  

Have questions about our Workplace Wellness or have ideas you would like to share with Wellness?  Please contact Kat Gilmore at kgilmore@lakeland272.org or call extension 1110


The Lakeland Joint School District will be recognized as having a culture that promotes the health and well being of all its employees.


The mission of Lakeland Wellness@Work  Program is to support and empower staff, through health education and workplace activities, to improve and maintain their overall well-being by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Fitness Center Discounts

Lakeland has secured discounts at most local gyms and fitness centers.  Don't let those resolutions go to waste - get signed up today!


Winter Warrior Challenge!

Find your school below and click on the link to be part of the challenge

Athol Winter Warriors

Betty Kiefer Winter Warriors

Garwood Winter Warriors

John Brown Winter Warriors

Spirit Lake Winter Warriors

Twin Lakes Winter Warriors

Lakeland Junior High Winter Warriors

Timberlake Junior High Winter Warriors

Lakeland High School

Timberlake High School

Maintenance Winter Warriors

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