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Wellness at Work

2024 Winter Warriors Challenge


How do I participate?

Team members will track their intentional exercise activities daily for the next 3 months on their team tab.  Each 10 minutes of intentional activity is equal to 1 mile.  It is important that it is intentional exercise as our body is acclimated to our daily routine even if we are active.  We need to challenge new muscle groups and use our bodies in a new way to really up our wellness game. What is intentional exercise? 

  • It is tracked for time exercise or physical activity that is outside of your normal day.  It is intentional. I went to the gym, started a workout video, ran up and down my stairs for no good reason, or chose to shovel snow for an hour instead of sending the spouse!  

It is not end-of-day miles or steps from your fitness tracker or any activity that is included in your work day.

 All activity (including running/walking) will be measured in time increments of 10 minutes. A few examples:

  • If you do a 30 min elliptical session =3 miles.  

  • 10 min morning stretch =1 mile.  

  • Walk the dog 30 min=3 miles

  • Run 4 miles in 55 minutes=5.5 miles. 



Read on for more ideas and support for Self-Care. It truly is interesting and inspiring to think about and take the opportunity to act on! 

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The Lakeland Joint School District will be recognized as having a culture that promotes the health and well being of all its employees.


The mission of Lakeland Wellness@Work  Program is to support and empower staff, through health education and workplace activities, to improve and maintain their overall well-being by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Welcome to your Employee Wellness page!  Check back to this page for regular updates and information on all things Wellness.  

Winter Warriors Challenge Photos