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Hello All! 

Welcome to our last wellness challenge of the year!  Working from home is not always an easy transition.  In addition to missing our students and colleagues we find ourselves in different spaces. Some of them are a bit too close to the snack cabinet!  In an effort to stem the dreaded Covid 30 (twice as bad as the Freshman 15!),  I present Lakeland in the Kitchen”-- a place to try new recipes to ease boredom in the kitchen and to inspire us to eat better!  

Each week, I will make a call for recipes to complete our cookbook!  I will update the cookbook and keep it linked for you to start enjoying.   If you try a recipe, please send me a quick review or note to add to the recipe!  Once complete, I will make a PDF to live here on the Wellness page!

The submission process is simple.  Match the weekly category, send the recipe, a brief note, and picture.  If you found it through a website-just tell us which website or cookbook you found it in!  Points will be tallied as we go along!  Our goal is to hit 19 before June 8.  






Read on for more ideas and support for Self-Care. It truly is interesting and inspiring to think about and take the opportunity to act on! 


What is self care 
45 simple ideas
Ways to Get Started
Daily simple start to self-care
TedTalks on SelfCare
Greatlist list of GreatSelfCare


The Lakeland Joint School District will be recognized as having a culture that promotes the health and well being of all its employees.


The mission of Lakeland Wellness@Work  Program is to support and empower staff, through health education and workplace activities, to improve and maintain their overall well-being by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Welcome to your Employee Wellness page!  Check back to this page for regular updates and information on all things Wellness.  

Winter Warriors Challenge Winners

Winter Warriors Stats:

28 teams of 5 competed this year

We collectively logged 39421.95 minutes of exercise

We crossed the US and visited 3 countries

Completed 75 team challenges

And had a LOT of fun along the way

Have you heard of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?


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Welcome Back! Lakeland has secured discounts at most local gyms and fitness centers.  Keep that beach body going - get signed up today!